...Because chicken, rice and brocolli is just bleh


Meet Avaflava

I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. I was one of five kids, so naturally whenever I would  cook growing up, the food would disappear so fast and I would get to play with another recipe.

I decided that regardless of income, I wanted to go to culinary school because I would feel so much more fulfilled in life making a living off something that gets me excited to do, COOK!


​I am equally as passionate about fitness which is why I count macros, and make sure my meals are portioned to benefit the growth of lean body mass with high protein and complex carbohydrates.  I have done two NPC bikini shows and have competed in Alaska's famed Seward Mt. Marathon for the past 7 years.  You can find me by the #AVAFLAVA

This is where you get one on one time with the chef who builds your meal plans to discuss allergies, protein preferences, and how to make this meal plan beneficial to you...
Custom Macro Consultation
15 min

At Your Service

Tel: 208-841-3036  |  Email:

Let's talk MACROS.  I would love to meet and build a meal plan together to help you achieve your goals!


Tel: 208-841-3036  |  Email:


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