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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Custom Meal Plans?

Yes!  We can customize a meal plan to fit your macros, your dietary requirements and the number of meals/snacks you want each week.  The best way to start is by filling out our "meal plan questionnaire."

How do I order?

Head to our shop page and add meals to your cart!  Just remember to place your order by Wednesday 3PM for Sunday Delivery!

Can I Freeze the Meals?

Yes!  If you don't plan to eat your meals within 1 week, you may freeze the meals!  Meals stay fresh up to 1 week in the fridge!


Our 4oz Protein Meals stat at $10.50 a meal delivery is $10.

Delivery Day

Delivery is every Sunday and is $10.  Pickup IS available on Saturdays from 12:00-1:30pm. You will get a text from your driver on Saturday with a delivery eta for Sunday.

Reheating Instructions

1. You can prop your lid on top of the meal and microwave for 2 minutes.  Meals should be reheated to 165F

2.  You can heat up a saute pan up on medium-high heat and pour your meal into the pan, this gives your food a better texture as well!



Tel: 208-841-3036  |  Email:



Austin Gegg, Iron Man Athlete

"I've been working with Ava for 2 years now...and since then never once was I disappointed. Ava does the work so you don't have to guess. Best meal prep service Boise has!"


David, McElroy

I have tried many meal prep services throughout the last couple years, as I work long, crazy hours in healthcare (especially during COVID).  That said, your food is BY FAR the best I have tried yet.  I think I finally found the right meal prep service for me :).  It also tastes the most real and like someone just made you a delicious home-cooked meal that same night.  Thank you for making my life easier and healthier!


Kelsea Hogan

Great service, convicence and amazing food! Can't get better than that!

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